PEB Seminars

Each month each Lab group gets the opportunity to present to their colleagues internally within their own node. These seminars feature a pertinent topic to their ongoing research.

Our online seminars encourage inter-nodal interaction and bring us together as a united group as we listen to the latest news from the other nodes in PEB.

Internationally, we have respected speakers from all over the world presenting to our staff and students from leading institutions. This ensures a continuous stream of education and information sharing which is paramount at PEB.

Seminar listings on this page:

Perth Node Internal Seminars

DatePresenterTalk Title
Oct 6Laura BoykinTBA
Sep 1Nic Taylor"Recent Past, Present and Future Focus of the Taylor Lab"
Aug 4Harvey Millar, Lei Li, Karzan Salih and Akila Yapa"Studying the First Derivative of Proteomics: What is protein turnover tells us and what are the challenges ahead?"
Jul 7Josh Mylne"Herbicidal antimalarials, antimalarial herbicides"
Jun 2Mark Waters"What have karrikins ever done for us?"
May 5Monika Murcha, Xianwen Du"The SAM domain, structure and analysis. Characterising the Tim22 complex of plant mitochondria."
Apr 7Ryan Lister"Transcriptional profiling of Arabidopsis tissues at single cell resolution"
Mar 3Ian Small"RNA editing: nature's Google Doc's?"
Feb 3Ghislaine Small, Sandra Kerbler"The Homeward Bound Experience"
Sep 2Taylor Lab"Deciphering the mechanisms of how the environment influences metabolism in plants"
Aug 5Boykin Lab"Cassava brown streak virus is outsmarting the cassava immune system with a rapidly evolving genome"
Jul 1Shaobai Huang and Katharina Belt"Complex II is complex too"
Jun 3Baer Lab"Molecules of love and warfare"
May 6Harvey Millar, Elke Stroer and Nic Taylor"Can the natural or environmental variation in respiratory phenotype of plants be explained by genotype?"
Apr 1Lister Lab"Population scale analysis of transposable element mobilization uncovers novel genetic diversity linked to gene regulation and epigenomic variation"
Mar 4Mylne Lab"3 hot protein stories for 2016: doppelgängers, hijack and stepwise birth"
Feb 2Small Lab"1000+ plastid genomes from WA’s native flora: challenges and opportunities"

PEB Monthly Online Seminars

DateNodePresenterTalk Title(s)
Sep 15ANUDr Ryan Mcquinn
Ash Jones
"Towards the characterisation of the zeta-carotene derived apocarotenoid signal (ACS1) and its role in floral development"
"Investigating natural variation in eucalyptus and potato populations by high throughput genome sequencing"
Aug 18UWADr Joanna Melonek
Jonathan Cahn
"Identification and characterisation of candidate genes for fertility restoration in sorghum and wheat"
"The study of mC readers highlights new epigenetic pathways in Arabidopsis"
Jul 31UA Muhammad Kamram
Yu Long
"Role of TaALMT1 malate-GABA transporter in alkaline pH tolerance of wheat"
"Single channel analysis of the inhibition from GABA to TaALMT1"
Apr 21ANU Dr Shinichi Asao
Estee Tee
"Thermal acclimation of leaf respiration and related changes in chemistry in tropical and temperate tree species"
"Choose your own adventure: the journal of stomatal signals"
Mar 17UWA Dr Bernard Gutmann
Rose McDowell
Prof Ian Small
"RNA editing: nature's Google Docs?"
Feb 17La Trobe Dr Marina Burges Osorio
Dr XiangXiang Meng
"SPX4: a meter of plant P status?"
"Characterisation of submergence tolerance in Arabidopsis"

International Speakers

SpeakerInstitutionCountryTalk Title
Etienne Delannoy Institute of Plant Sciences, Paris SaclayFrance"Towards the organelle gene regulation"
Hans-Peter BraunUniversity of HanoverGermany"The respiratory chain in plants: New insights by structural modeling, biochemical dissection and complexome profiling"
Markus TiegeUniversity of ViennaAustria"Out of control: Chloroplast Ca2+-binding proteins point to a key role of Ca2+ for plastid development and signalling"
Åsa StrandUMEASweeden"Chloroplast development, a tale of two genomes"
Carl ProckoSALKUSA"How to live with your shady neighbours: Coordinating plant cell growth in response to light"
Andrea TrottaUniversity of TurkuFinland"Dynamic fine-tuning of the photosynthetic apparatus in thylakoids of higher plants: a targeted proteomics approach"
Patricia LeónNational University of MexicoMexico"Chloroplast signals that impact leaf development"
Michelle Watt Institute of Bio and GeosciencesGermany"Phenotyping structure-function dynamics to discover the physiology of soil-grown plants and identify new root and shoot traits for selection in breeding"
Saijaliisa KangasjärviUniversity of TurkuFinland"PP2A as a regulator of light acclimation and biotic stress responses in plants"
Shuqun ZhangZhejiang University China"New players in Arabidopsis MPK3/MPK6-mediated stress/defence responses"
Matt LewseySalk InstituteUSA"Mobile small RNAs regulate genome-wide DNA methylation"
Elizabeth HaswellWashington UniversityUSA"Mechanosensititve ion Channels: Sensing and reporting Membrane Tension in Plant Cells"
Christine Faulkner John Innes CentreUK"Manning the gates: plasmodesmal regulation during pathogen attack"
Heribert Hirst Centre for Desert Agriculture, KaustSaudi Arabia"Kinases, stomates and microbes: Multiple ways to improve abiotic stress resistance of plants"
Tomoaki Horie Shinsu UniversityJapan"OsHKT1-mediated Na+ exclusion from leaves in rice upon salinity stress"
Alexandre Grondin University of NebraskaUSA"Function of plasma membrane aquaporins in guard cells of Arabidopsis thaliana"
Nils Stein IPK GaterslebenGermany"Big genomes, big data, big progress? Reference sequences for wheat and barley and their future impact"
Tony Maxwell John Innes CentreUK"DNA Topoisomerases in Bacteria and Plants: Mechanism and Drug Targeting"
Peter Gollan University of TurkuFinland"Regulation mechanisms control photosynthesis and chloroplast signalling: Two sides of the same coin"
Henrick Poorter Forschungszentrum JülichGermany"What plants grown in the lab can tell us about the field, and how we can make sense of so many incoherent phenotypic data"
Jorge Ducovsky UC DavisUSA"Molecular mechanisms involved in WKS1-mediated partial resistance to wheat stripe rust"
John Lunn Max PlanckGermany"Trehalose-6-phosphate and sucrose – A tale of two sugars"
Dabing Zhang Shangai Jiao Tong UniversityChina"Molecular Control of Rice Male Fertility"
Hendrik Poorter Forschungszentrum JülichGermany"What plants grown in the lab can tell us about the field, and how we can make sense of so many incoherent phenotypic data"